9 months ago

In all, 23 players from last year’s final roster are gone, including 13 already announced: quarterback Rocky Lombardi (Northern Illinois); running back Anthony Williams Jr. (Akron); tight end/fullback Max Rosenthal (Illinois); wide receivers Tre’Von Morgan (Kentucky) and Javez Alexander (TBD); offensive tackle Devontae Dobbs (Memphis); linebackers Luke Fulton (Kentucky), Jeslord Boateng (Akron), Marcel Lewis (Central Michigan) and Charles Willekes (Arkansas State; and defensive backs Julian Barnett (Memphis), Chris Jackson (Washington State), Dominique Long (TBD) and Davion Williams (Western Kentucky). Tucker said he also expects there to potentially be more attrition after the 15 spring practices that run through the April 24 spring game.

Source: Detroit Free Press