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Football —  The last time Michigan State and Oregon played a football series, in 1998 and 1999, the games contained life and career-altering moments for a few key figures in Michigan State’s football history
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Football —  The five years Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio spent under Alabama coach Nick Saban at the pairs' prior coaching stint with the Spartans should be considered a badge of honor. "I coached with him five years,'' Dantonio said when asked about Saban at Thursday's Big Ten Football Media Day session, "maybe longer than anyone at that time that made it with him.''
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Football —  "When I was here before, I don't know if the wheels came off; we would rebound after a game, but we might lose a game, we might tank a game,'' he said. "At Ohio State, not really. Certainly at Cincinnati we had a couple games where we didn't play very well.'' So while Dantonio rightfully praised Saban for his attention to detail, it's worth noting that Dantonio feels this season's Michigan State team set the bar for resolve. Discuss »
Football —  "Well, I think Michigan State is a fine program. I think Mark Dantonio is a really good coach. He worked on our staff for five years and did a phenomenal job. You know, teams aren't that far away. I mean, they played Notre Dame; Notre Dame is in this game. They lost a bunch of close games this year. I think if you do a good job of recruiting and developing your players that a lot of people are going to have the opportunity to be in this game in the future, and I think Michigan State is one of the better programs in the Big Ten in terms of the history of success that they've been able to have." Discuss »
Football —  Could he have kept it together? Would've Big Ten championships followed? Would've Michigan State then have been a premier job at the point Saban could no longer resist the NFL, meaning a well-liked but overwhelmed assistant wouldn't have been his successor? Discuss »
Men's Basketball —  Basketball coach Tom Izzo said on Monday that he is pulling for his friend and former Michigan State coach Nick Saban to avenge an earlier loss to the Tigers. Discuss »
Football —  “I don't think it's anything bad,” intended against Michigan State, Izzo said. “I know he and Mark (Hollis, athletic director) have a decent relationship, and I don't think Nick has any ill feelings to Michigan State, but it surprises me a little bit.” Discuss »
Football —  Alabama coach Nick Saban has answered questions about facing his former employer, Michigan State, in Saturday's Capital One Bowl for a month. Discuss »
Football —  Each week during football season, State Journal assistant sports editor Barry Kiel and MSU beat writer Joe Rexrode debate a topic related to MSU football. This week's question: Had he stayed, would Nick Saban have won as big at MSU as he has at LSU and Alabama? Discuss »
Football —  Alabama coach Nick Saban realizes a game against Michigan State, one of the football programs he used to coach, will stir up some bitterness among some of the people he left behind. He has been a few places, so he is used to it. ”I get this every year when we play LSU,” he said. “They’re not quite so understanding.”

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Men's Basketball —  Michigan State basketball coach Tom Izzo has had a rough start to the season, watching his team lose four non-conference games and getting ready to start Big Ten play on Saturday. It has been the result of some tough scheduling by Izzo, but it is something he believes will make his team better come tournament time in March. Discuss »
Football —  Alabama coach Nick Saban took questions from a large group of reporters after practice today, as he continues to prepare his team to play his former team. Saban reiterated that he has special feelings for Michigan State, where he was a George Perles assistant from 1983-87 and the head coach from 1995-99. Discuss »
Football —  The Spartans will take on their former coach, Nick Saban, and their former top recruit, Mark Ingram Jr. What should Spartan fans think of these two guys? Discuss »
Football —  At the start of the Day For Kids charity event, one of the activities for teams participating in the Capital One Bowl, Alabama coach Nick Saban and Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio found a few minutes to step away from the crowd and talk like old friends. Discuss »
Football —  MSU football is back in a position of prominence, looking to end a season in the top 10 for the first time since after the 1999 season -- Nick Saban's last at MSU. He bolted for LSU, the Spartans beat Florida on New Year's Day in Orlando, and the program started on a roller-coaster ride until Mark Dantonio arrived in 2007 to stabilize it. Discuss »
Football —  Mark Dantonio is looking for his first Bowl victory as head coach at Michigan State. He’s 0-3 heading into the Capital One Bowl on Jan. 1 against Alabama (9-3). Dantonio looked like a man on a mission today at MSU media day at Spartan Stadium, deadly serious about his team's chances but able to crack a smile, too. Discuss »
Football —  epresentatives from Michigan State and Alabama made their way to Orlando Thursday afternoon for the ceremonial Capital One Bowl contract signing, a longstanding tradition for the New Year's Day game. Discuss »
Football —  Michigan State football fans likely harbor at least mixed feelings regarding Alabama coach Nick Saban, who coached the Spartans for five years before leaving for LSU. But to coach Mark Dantonio, Saban is a friend and mentor. Discuss »
Men's Basketball —  Tom Izzo is close friends with Nick Saban. For Michigan State fans, this is like Santa Claus being close friends with the Grinch. And it's weird, because Izzo and Saban are not alike at all ... "I think there's a lot of similarities," Izzo said. Oh, the blasphemy! Discuss »
Football —  Michigan State fans probably can plan a trip to Florida for a bowl game and figure starting the new year there. Discuss »